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Tonika is the resource for plant-source alchemy to nourish and enhance the body, beauty, inner glow and consciousness.  We celebrate the unadulterated, exquisite flavours and healing forces of Medicinal Mushrooms, Tonic herbs and Adaptogens.

So What are Adaptogenic Herbs ?
Well, the clue is their name. They literally help the body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself depending on our emotional and physical surroundings. So, for example, they can help calm in times of stress. They can bring peace to a racing mind in the middle of the night. They can give clarity when everything around is in turmoil. They can give energy when we are tired.

Our plant-based collagen supplement combines organic and natural ingredients, which have been scientifically formulated to help increase collagen production and support skin health for a smoother complexion.

A tonic herb is an herb that is meant to be used regularly over a long period of time, in order to support the body to stay in balance. While tonic herbs support our overall well-being, some herbs have a particular affinity for specific body systems such as the immune, detox, cardiovascular and nervous systems.


Medicinal Mushrooms for Immune Support, medicinal mushrooms are often used to support the immune system in other ways. 

Mushrooms, for example, improve the immune system's ability to fight infection against viral, bacterial, and parasitic pathogens.