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Picture of XCell - Illuminate Eye Serum 12.5ml

XCell - Illuminate Eye Serum 12.5ml

This amazing product will give you a brighter eye area and help correct those fine lines around the eye area. Also fantastic for dark circles!

An eye product like no other!  This beauty contains liquid crystals that can be used on the most sensitive and delicate eye areas without the cost of others like it on the market. We are taught that crystals are hard—like those in rocks, but liquid crystals are the “atoms” of the crystal world. They are made of the same things as the body It is protective, reparative and moisturizing and the body recognizes it.

This product is addictive! There is no going back!

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GIFT VOUCHER - $100 To be used at Exquisite Laser Clinic 481 Parnell Road Parnell Auckland Can be used on products and services at the clinic. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Voucher Valid for one year from date of purchase

XCell - Saturate 50mg

A superior moisturizer that saturates the skin with essential fatty acids and hyaluronic acid.

XCell - Enzyme Away Treatment Mask 50g "NEW"

Enzyme Away NEW formulation!!! Stronger, faster results.....This revolutionary new Treatment Mask "improves the appearance of skin tone and texture leaving skin soft and radiant after a single application".